Policy and strategy

Our vision of international operations is driven by our wish to be one of the leading companies in all the markets which we enter by providing pharmaceutical products of high quality which comply with the international standards of performance.

Our objectives of international operations are as follows:

  • The registration of pharmaceutical products that present an added value to the market of medicine in the countries where we work and not to register the highest number of products regardless of their benefits or the possibility of marketing them as this only leads to the exhaust of governmental institutions and does not provide any benefits either to the society or the company.
  •  Observing the patents of the pharmaceutical products that are still under proprietary rights as we never register them prior to the expiration date of the patency period stipulated in the “Trips Agreement” at the World Trade Organization (WTO), even if the laws of the country allow that.
  • To continuously open new markets and ongoing strive to cooperate with more international companies in the field of research and development with the aim of manufacturing new pharmaceutical products.
  • We work hard to gain the confidence of the society and maintain it through our products and employees as well as our various services.
  • We are always keen to reach a higher goal, that is to add value to the societies in which we operate by observing the international standards of performance, work ethics and the adopted policies