Greeting from CEO

Through our global business activities, we aim to improve quality of life for patients around the world by harnessing the deep-rooted patient centric approach and its expertize and technical capabilities in pharmaceuticals field.
As CEO, my aim is to make steady progress in expanding our business globally, put into practice the next long-term strategic vision, and achieve further growth for the company as we aim to establish ourselves as a “Specialized Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Presence”, as laid out in our management vision.
Our Vision
To be an ideal company that provides high quality pharmaceutical products and services on scientific and ethical basis, To create a structure or platform whereby products can be accessible to doctors conveniently and To be recognized as most consistent supplier for quality
Our Mission
To be an added value to the society by bringing great pharmaceutical products and services of high quality which guarantee a better life for patients, an ideal work atmosphere to our employees and gaining the trust of our partners


“Exploring the secrets and mechanisms of nature in order to contribute to people’s health”*


Core of Our Values

We are committed to provide the highest levels of quality in pharmaceutical products, performance of our employees, and in the services we provide.
Our customers
We work hard to provide our customers with their needs of effective and safe pharmaceutical products for reasonable prices with the aim of obtaining the confidence of our customers.
Values and principals
We are committed to the highest standards of values and principles as we believe in our responsibilities towards our society and customers; therefore we do not accept any underestimation of the rights or principles in which we believe.
Personnel and employees
We believe that our employees are the major force behind our success, therefore we work hard to find new means to make the work atmosphere more comfortable and to provide employment opportunities based on justice and transparency for all.
We are always preoccupied with our main goal that is to provide our society and its individuals with better services, therefore we strive to reinforce our principles through which we wish to contribute to support the pharmaceutical industry and participate in the development of the economy of our nation.
We are well aware that hard and continuous work is the only valid way for the success of individuals and nation, therefore we encourage all our employees to respect work and to be committed to the principals of honesty, loyalty and giving.

People Centricity

Always put people at the center of every aspect of our activity towards happy lives through vision.

Six Principles

These six principles are based on our core principle and outline a specific code of conduct for each and every one of our employees.
Be People Centric
Always ask you if you are contributing to the happiness of people in the world.
Explore Everywhere
Think of people from around the world you can contribute the most to.
Expand possibilities
To eradicate all vision problems, consider all possible solutions - including groundbreaking approaches.
Leverage external strengths
To expand what we JASPN can do for people, fully leverage others' strengths and resources.
Turn diversity into advantage
Respect individuality, Go beyond what we can do for people by bringing together diversified power.
Act with agility
Act with agility. The quicker we move, the more people we can help.

Our Policy Regarding Quality

Registration of products:
We adhere to the practical application of all the procedures required to register pharmaceutical products as well as comparing locally registered pharmaceutical products to the imported ones. We also carry out studies of stability, bio-availability, dissolution … etc. in certified entities known for their efficiency on the local and international levels.
Distribution of pharmaceutical products:
We only distribute our pharmaceutical products through authorized distributors who adhere to all the regulations established by ministries of health in their countries; where pharmaceutical products are stored in well-aired places, appropriate areas, freezing chambers and equipped vehicles for distribution of medicine as well as an automatic system that allows the printing of patch number, expiry date …etc.
Manufacture of pharmaceutical products:
We adhere to the highest international standards of manufacture starting from the import of raw materials from reputable reference countries and factories that hold Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate, proceeding to manufacturing and packaging in accordance with regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Promotion of pharmaceutical products:
We are committed to prepare our promotional materials on scientific basis and in compliance with the medical fields under which the pharmaceutical product was registered, either in the reputable reference countries or the countries where we work accurately, also we provide our medical representatives with the required training to enable them to perform their jobs effectively.

JASPN Code of Ethics

The code of ethics has been developed by JASPN  Pharmaceuticals to carry out our mandates and to ensure that all business dealings are conducted with the required ethical standards and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We in Jaspn company believe that our strength lies in our sense of social responsibility and our strict commitment to specific ethics towards our “Shareholders”; i.e.           customers, suppliers, employees, society in addition to owners of the company. Therefore, we have established a set of policies to ensure that all employees understand the ideal code of ethics and are keen to adopt the following:

  • The concept that “companies are responsible towards other entities other than their owners”; thus, accordingly all the senior executive and financial officials shall adhere to the behavioral and professional code of ethics as established by JASPN company for internal supervision system.
  • Each of our employees follows the principal of “moral authority” in building relationships with each other and adheres to the ethical policy of the company that leads to a distinguished individual and institutional behavior.
  • Full cooperation to comply with the instructions of the ministries of health in the countries where we work, which aim at the protection of pharmaceutical products manufacture and public health.